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Iraklio Poems
Michael Bigelow
$15 CAD

ISBN 978-1-7782414-1-3

Each of Michael Bigelow’s minimalist Iraklio Poems glide across the page like an icicle, reflecting and refracting the winter sun. Bigelow distills the essence of places into something ghostly where hosts of characters perform their impromptu pirouettes within the backdrop of ancient stages. This careful work whispers, looms, illuminates and obfuscates much like the moon that lights and guides the way through these poems.

While speaking of divinity, desire, loss and love, this slim volume is refreshingly free of unnecessary affectation, bestowing a quiet sense of the holy glimpsed within the mundane. I consider Iraklio Poems in the family of the writing of Robert Lax, the films of Abbas Kiarostami, the hymns of Mirabai, an untouched snowdrift in the moonlight, the smoke of a candle just blown out and — my favourite thing on earth — silence.

— Laura Broadbent, author of In On The Great Joke and OTYAICSYIIR?

Lyrics, 2015-2022
Isaac Vallentin
$15 CAD

ISBN 978-1-7782414-0-6

Milarepa wrote a hundred thousand songs, Dylan over 600, and I'm still in the double digits. I'm completely unknown to the public, and there's a very good chance I will remain that way. Publishing my lyrics may be vain, but in my defense, I've never felt like a musician, I've always felt like a writer, and publishing books is what writers do.

Here are the lyrics to my first four albums. The first three are like formaldehyde-filled jars containing embryos in gradual maturation. The last one is like a stuffed baby animal. I make no other references to taxidermy in this collection, which is lucky for the both of us.

— IV